Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Download Nepali Font Converter with Deconverter

his FontConverter has been developed by MADAN PURASKAR PUSTAKALAYA. FontConverter0.3 is the software based on java language and is used to Convert non-unicode to the Unicode .This software is basically focused on Devanagari non-unicode fonts (only for nepali language). It works well on Preeti, Kantipur and Jaga HImali.

1. Click on the link Fontconverter/Deconverter software
2. The download dialog box will pop up. Please download the whole zip folder.
3. After the download is complete, unzip the folder or extract the files where you want to.
  • There will be two .jar files: fontconverter and deconverter in the current folder.
  • Double click fontconerter.jar to convert Non-Unicode text to Unicode text.
  • Double click deconverter.jar to convert Unicode text to Non-Unicode text.
  • The detail instructions on how to use these softwares are given below.

Screenshot of Font Converter
Nepali Font Converter Deconverter
Screenshot of Font Deconverter
Nepali Font Converter Deconverter  

HOW TO USE FontConverter
To use the FontConverter you will have to convert your .doc file into .txt file. This should be done with the following step:
  • Save the file with the “save as” option from the file menu.
  • Go to “Save as Type” which can be found beneath the “File name” option.
  • Choose the “Plain Text” option then File Conversion Window will appear. Here, you can select “Other encoding” option and select US_ASCII as encoding. And click “OK”.
  • In this way, you can prepare a Plain text document (.txt) which the font converter can read.
  • Double Click the “FontConverter.jar” file and browse to the file that is to be converted and click on Run button.
  • A new file with _Unicode followed by a original file name will be generated at the same folder from where you input your text file. (For Ex:  Non_Unicode file test.txt, Corresponding Unicode file will be test_Unicode.txt)
  • Right click on this file and open with Openoffice.writer or MS-Word
  • You will see a Unicode encoded text. Now you can save as your require format.
After the conversion from .doc file to txt file follow these steps to convert the file to Unicode:
1. Click on "Browse" and choose the ".txt" file which is to be converted to unicode (input file must be in ANSI format).
2. Click on "Save " and choose the destination and the output file which also needs to be in ".txt" or .doc format.
3. Choose the input font.
4. Choose the output  encoding (ISO-8859-1 or ISO-8859-15) format in which you want to save the output file. The choice is usually the second one.
6. Click on "Run" to start the process.
7. Click "Cancel" to cancel the process
(you need to select the input file simply giving path name and writing file name may not work)


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